Kasetsart University, Thailand

Dr. Putchong Uthayopas is currently serving as Vice President for Information (CIO), Kasetsart University, Thailand. He works in High performance computing, Grid, and Cloud computing for more than 28 years. He publishes more than 160 papers in journals and conference proceedings. Dr. Putchong is the founding Director of Thai National Grid Center, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (2006-2008). He also served as the President of Computational Science and Engineering Association (Thailand) during 2013-2015. Dr. Putchong is a recipient of the Distinguish Computer Engineer award in System Integration from the Engineering Institute of Thailand in 2012 for his contribution in Grid, HPC and Cluster computing work. He is a member of an advisory committee for Court of Justice (Thailand), NECTEC, Thailand Research Fund, NSTDA, NANOTEC, and many government agencies.

Future of High Performance Computing

Putchong Uthayopas

Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Thailand.

E-mail: putchong@ku.th



Recent innovation in science and technology increasingly rely on the use of advance high performance computing system for the simulation, modelling and data analytics. The emerging trends in AI, Machine Learning and Data Intensive Science create the need for a much more powerful high performance computing system. Furthermore, power consumption, the change in application characteristics, and data intensive nature of modern applications have a strong effect on the design and structure of modern HPC system. This presentation intends to share the state of the art in HPC system design, the driving factors, and trends. The new challenges in HPC is identified and some approaches to solve the problem will be elaborated. Finally, the current trends regarding the design of exa-scale computing system will be presented.